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Modern homes have requirements for heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation. There is some confusion as to whether installing a ventilation system will heat your home sufficiently, or whether a heat pump will provide your home with sufficient ventilation. The simple answer is no. Ventilation systems by themselves are not an effective way to heat your home. And a heat pump will provide some air circulation, but not adequate fresh air required by a healthy home.

For the most comfortable and healthy environment your home is likely to need both a heating device such as a heat pump and a mechanical ventilation system to ensure adequate fresh air is being circulated through your home. Neither system alone will do both to a high enough level to make them a one-stop solution. Installing insulation should also be taken into account as not only does it reduce heat loss but can also help to reduce mould growing on walls and ceilings, providing a healthy and safe environment to live in.

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  • A warm house, meaning less illness
  • A comfortable, inviting environment
  • A higher expectation of comfort
  • Better health for children, babies and elderly
  • Assisted moisture removal with ventilation
  • Less deterioration of chattels


  • A clean, fresh, healthy environment
  • Help reducing condensation on windows
  • A dry and fresh home
  • Assisted moisture removal
  • Added asset value
  • Fresh air without draughts


  • Minimised energy costs
  • Natural warmth retention
  • A higher expectation of comfort
  • Protected investment and added asset value
  • Improved health and average temperatures
  • Help reducing mould

Dimocks Energy recommend you arrange for one of our qualified technicians to visit your home in order to recommend the best solution for you. In the meantime use the checklist below to see what the best primary solution for your home is:

Concern in your home Heat Pump Home Ventilation System Insulation
My house is cold and I have no heating A heat pump is a very energy efficient and effective way to heat your home. A home ventilation system can help recover heat from the outgoing stale air but needs a primary heating source to work with. Installed insulation will help reduce heat loss.
My house is too hot in the summer A heat pump is the right product for you as they can offer cooling in the summer. A ventilation system will offer some relief on those hot summer days by ensuring air is circulating within your home and outside air is being introduced constantly but will not directly cool your home. Insulation will provide some relief from extreme outside temperatures on hot summer days.
I have heating but my house feels so stuffy A heat pump offers a dry comfortable heat so wont contribute to any stuffiness in your home but will also not cure stuffiness issues. A ventilation system will be constantly introducing fresh air into your home ensuring a fresh and unstuffy environment. Insulation is not designed to solve this problem.
Humidity, moisture and condensation is a big concern in my home A heat pump can be operated in a dehumidifying mode to tackle moisture concerns but this can only be operated if the system is running in cooling not heating. This is a good solution but not the best solution. Note that a heat pump will not contribute to moisture problems in your home, unlike some other heating sources. A home ventilation system is the best solution for your home. This system will work to circulate fresh air throughout your home while helping to control moisture levels and reduce condensation. Installed insulation will not remove the moisture but may help in reducing mould growing on walls and ceilings.
I have heating in my main living area but my bedrooms are cold and damp and I want to transfer heat down to those rooms It sounds like the best solution for you is to add an additional heating source into your bedrooms to ensure they are adequately heated. Installing a ventilation system is a good way to ensure air is circulated through the whole home and would assist in taking some chill off the bedrooms but should not be used as the primary heating source for those rooms. Installed insulation will help reduce heat loss in your bedrooms, which means you will not use as much energy to heat them.
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